Let’s Create a Modular Path


Staying in sync with the present, at REXCON, we craft contemporary prefabricated modular contruction element, offering a multitude of configurations. Our technology is rooted in the ethos of efficiency and excellence. This materializes through a seamless blend of sustainable materials, energy efficiency, practicality, and overall cost-effectiveness of the dwelling.


A modular, load-bearing and flatpack designed system for reusable and eco-friendly exterior walls.


A modular, load-bearing flooring system for elevated terrain decks, offering insulation and versatile top floor surface options.


A load-bearing modular beam system for versatile roofing structures, ideal for insulation and major installations.


At ReBLOCK, we believe in a streamlined journey to your dream project. Our process begins with a collaborative design phase where your vision takes center stage. Whether you have a design proposal or need inspiration, we’ve got you covered. We present you with a detailed project proposal, including floor and facade plans, and a 3D visualization. It’s your chance to review and approve the project and its cost. Once you give the green light, we initiate production, optimizing timelines to meet your needs. Delivery is hassle-free, with components ready to assemble, and you’ll receive project-specific building drawings.

Crafting Homes Differently

At REXCON, we are the architects of innovation, reshaping the construction landscape. Our commitment to excellence fuels the creation of modular structures that not only adapt to your needs but also define the future of sustainable living.


Contact REXCON and turn your vision into reality. Our team is passionate about bringing your dream project to life. Together, we’ll create a sustainable and cost-effective living space that reflects your unique style and values.