We combat construction’s environmental impact, with innovative solutions to reduce emissions and waste, leaving a positive legacy. Sustainability guides every decision, and helps us to preserve nature’s balance. We embrace circular economy, minimize waste and celebrate modularity to achieve increased flexibility, benefiting the changing housing needs of today’s and future users.

Together, we forge a greener and more resilient future for the construction industry.

REXCON – where the pursuit of a greener future defines every action. Build a better legacy with us!

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Our core values

Sustainability is the bedrock of REXCON’s mission, driving us to create eco-friendly solutions that leave a positive mark on our planet.

Circular Economy
Circular economy is our compass, breathing new life into or prolonging materials servicelife, reducing waste, and nurturing a sustainable economic ecosystem.

In the world of REXCON, modularity is the key to versatility, enabling us to adapt and thrive in a rapidly changing landscape. Without a continuous consumption of virgin resources.

The team

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Sofus Thisgaard,
– Sales

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At Rexcon, we believe in a streamlined journey to your dream project. Our process begins with a collaborative design phase where your vision takes center stage. Whether you have a design proposal or need inspiration, we’ve got you covered.

We present you with a detailed project proposal, including floor and facade plans, and a 3D visualization. It’s your chance to review and approve the project and its cost.

Once you give the green light, we initiate production, optimizing timelines to meet your needs. Delivery is hassle-free, with components ready to assemble, and you’ll receive project-specific building drawings.

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